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Option 1

Museum Tour

1 Hour

Maximum Participants:  50

$5.00 per person

This option may be scheduled any time during museum hours:  Thursday and Friday, 10:00-4:00 and Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-5:00

Option 2

Museum Tour and One Additional Activity

1 ½ -2 hours

Maximum Participants:  100 (2 groups of 50)

$6.00 per person

Sample Schedule:  10:30-11:30 and 11:30-12:30

Option 3

Museum Tour, 1 Staff Led activity, 1 Self Directed Activity

2 ½ - 3 hours

Maximum Participants:  180 (3 groups of 60)

$7.00 per person

Sample Schedule:  10:30-11:30, Lunch, 12:00-1:00 and 1:00-2:00

Tours and programs may be customized.  Tell us about your group.  You may also contact Alan for more information.  Click below for information about Group Visits.


A staff member will greet your group outside for a brief description of the unique properties and it’s setting along the Susquehanna River. The tour continues inside as visitors gather in the Kiva or ceremonial room.

Groups may select one focus area:

Staff Led Programs

A Journey with Abenakis - Grades K-4.  Through story telling, participants will experience the journey of living in balance with the earth.  Each participant can make a neclace as a reminder of the four lessons:  silence, respect, sharing and circles

Totem Pole - This program begins with observing the Indian Steps Totem Pole.  The history of totem poles is reviewed and participants will match many totems to their meaning.  Participants can tell their own story by making their own totem pole.

Basic Plant ID - Grades 1-6.  This will be a unique opportunity for students to discover and examine the plants around them and how they play an important role in the web of life.  Students will explore leaves, stems, bark, flowers and seeds of many plants.

American Shad - Grades 1-6.  American Shad were once abundant along the Susquehanna River.  They were a major food source for the Susquehannocks and others residing along the river.  Participants will learn of the habits of this anadromous fish, learn of its recovery and experience its life cycle.

Edible Plants - Grades 4-6.  Native Americans set a perfect example of eating off the land.  Participants will learn the edible parts of plants during a stroll on the Indian Steps property.

Wild Wetlands - Grades 1-3.  Wetlands are a valuable natural resource that are often misunderstood.  Students will compare a sponge and infant cradle to a wetland!  This is an interactive lesson to help students understand the function and importance of a wetland community.  They will also discover what happens when that habitat is depleted by playing “musical wetlands.”

Roles of Native American Men, Women and Children - Grades 3 and up.  Call for more information.

Self Guided Programs

Hike to the Falls.  This hike is rated low to moderate it is a total of ½ mile on a dirt path traversing the woodland forest ending at a waterfall.  Early spring wildflowers highlight this area to mid to late April.

Outside Scavenger Hunt.  This provides a great method for self exploration.  Educators receive a suggested scavenger hunt via eMail and provide their own supplies i.e. copies, bag and pencils.

Journaling.  A great way to experience Indian Steps Museum in its peaceful setting.  Educators receive suggested journaling topics and they supply their own supplies.

Educators are welcome to provide their own activities.

During Your Visit

Teacher Responsibility:  It is the responsibility of the teachers to prepare the students and chaperone (1 per 6 students) for this outdoor educational trip by sharing all trip information.  Please provide name tags for all participants.  Expect and enforce appropriate behavior throughout the day.  Please oversee lunch and cleanup.  Encourage all restroom visits to be taken immediately upon arrival and during lunch.  Please abide by the set sechedule.

Student Responsibility:  It is the responsibility of the students to arrive prepared for an outdoor experience with sneakers or closed toe shoes and a jacket in case of a change in the weather.  Each student will be expected to respect their instructors, chaperones, teachers and their surroundings.

Chaperone responsibility:  It is the chaperones’ responsibility to assure the safety and best behavior of the students during the entire visit.  This includes lessons, restroom and lunch breaks.  Please encourage appropriate behavior and set a good example by being prepared for each lesson and participate in the activities.  Please dress for the weather and wear sneakers or closed toe shoes.

Lunch:  Each participant will be responsible for his or her own lunch.  Drinks and snacks are available for purchase in the gift shop.  You are welcome to picnic on the property using the available picnic tables and outdoor kitchen.  A pavilion is available for rental by the day.  Please use the trash receptacles provided.

Restrooms:  Portable toilets are available outside the museum.

Gift Shop:  The gift shop is always open during normal operational hours of the museum and offers unique gifts at reasonable prices.  Please limit your gift shop visit to 12 students at one time.

Emergency Situations

  1. In case of severe weather, the summer kitchen or museum porch is available.
  2. In case of evacuation of the building, everyone will meet at the totem pole.  It is the teachers’ responsibility to account for each student.
  3. Student illness or first aid care in case of accident will the responsibility of the teachers.  A designated room in the museum can be used if needed.
  4. Please contact Indian Steps Museum at (717) 862-3948 if your arrival has changed.