Top: An image of a man-made pond on the grounds of Bonham Wake. Bottom: An image of the educational building at Bonham Wake Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bonham Wake Robin Wildlife Sanctuary

51 Spencer Rd
Airville, PA 17302

The Bonham Wake Robin Wildlife Sanctuary located in Airville, PA. There are walking trails throughout the area, and it includes an educational building built in 1976 for events. It is important to note that it is not typically open to the public on a regular basis, but events and instructional groups are held there on occasion.

With the help of grant partners, Eagle Scouts, and the Muddy Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited, a brook trout restoration project occurs here. Because of loss of habitat and degradation of stream conditions, most native brook trout only survive in cold, unpolluted streams in Pennsylvania. By introducing brown trout that are more tolerant of warmer water into the ecosystem, the wild trout population is more stabilized and helps protect the cold water ecosystem.