Image of the Pinnacle Overlook off of the Susquehanna River.
Image of Lock 12, a canal once used by ships in the 1800's.
Image of the Mills Creek Falls down the road from Lock 12.

Nearby Attractions

If you are looking for interesting attractions in the area, why not check out a few of these?

Near Indian Steps Museum are two spots that look over the the Susquehanna River: Pinnacle Overlook and the Urey Overlook. Each overlook has a trail leading to it. Both of these spots provide beautiful views and picnic spots. Urey Overlook is right up the road from our museum. You can view the coastline of Indian Steps from Pinnacle Overlook, which sits atop the other side of the river.

Off of Route 372 near the Norman Wood Bridge sits Lock 12, a former canal used by ships in the 1800's surrounded by the ruins of buildings of that time. This area allows for access to the surrounding shallow waters between the bridge and the Holtwood Dam, as well as many surrounding trails through the woods. This area is perfect for hiking and wildlife observation, especially closer to deer season.

About a mile down the road from Lock 12 is the Mill Creek Falls Trail. For any waterfall enthusiast in the area, this short trail is definitely worth checking out. The trail leads up to the top of the falls, allowing access to each section.